Specify Cloud


The Specify Cloud hosting service provides access to Specify 7 databases including linked media file attachments, through any web browser with no Specify or MySQL software to install or database server computer to maintain. With Specify Cloud, we pre-install Specify 7 on a fast, high-availability, internet server to create a secure, managed platform for hosting and serving your collection data.

The Specify Cloud hosting service is currently offered at no charge. Our free offer includes Specify 6 database transfer and installation on a Specify Cloud server, 24/7/365 internet access and nightly backup. The Specify Software Project is committed to the same professional level of helpdesk support and troubleshooting we provide for Specify 6.

Eligibility is extended to U.S. biological research collections using Specify 6 for institutional specimen data management, and to multi-institutional U.S. collaborative projects wanting to share a database for collections digitization. The Specify Software Project can move your Specify 6 database to Cloud hosting in minutes.

If you are a U.S. biological research collection currently using Specify or looking to create a new institution collection database, take advantage of our responsive client support and let us know if you would like to evaluate Specify 7 on the web.

Specify 7 code is also freely available for U.S. and non-U.S. institutions who want to install and run their own Specify 7 host.

The Specify Software Project is funded by U.S. National Science Foundation grant: BIO/DBI #1565098.
Specify Software Project, Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas, 1345 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, KS USA 66045
Phone: +1 (785) 864-4400, Email: specify@ku.edu, Website: www.specifysoftware.org