Specify 6.6.05 Update Release [Schema Update 2.3]

The Specify Software Project is pleased to publish Specify 6.5.05, an update to the Specify 6 biological collection data management platform. The release is downloadable from the Project web site: www.specifysoftware.org. It includes a number of fixes and several improvements for institutions which operate multiple Specify databases.

This release also updates the Specify database schema to version 2.3. Updating the Specify database schema will require the account credentials for the Specify “IT User”. Be sure to have your site’s Specify “IT User” account name and password readily available before installing this release as update over your current version. 

Sites with multiple collection databases should perform a database backup, update the Specify database schema, and then simultaneously update all collection workstation copies of Specify. Standalone installations with just one Specify collection database should also create a backup copy of their database before applying this update. A momentary power or network glitch during the schema update process could irreparably destroy a Specify database. Having a fresh backup copy of Specify data is essential protection. 

Specify 6 was first released in 2007. Specify 6.5.05 will be the last major update to the Java-based, thick-client, Specify 6 platform. Specify 7, the open source, web generation of Specify operates completely through a web browser and will be the target of future enhancements and network integrations. We encourage Specify collections to consider Specify 7 which uses the same database design, user interface forms customization, and label and report design language, as Specify 6. U.S. non-profit, biodiversity research collections can take advantage of our Specify 7 hosting service, Specify Cloud. A Specify 7/Specify Cloud demonstration site can be found at: http://demo7.specifysoftware.org, username and password = “sp7demofish”.

List of Changes: Specify 6.6.05

  1. The Specify login window now remembers its openness state (expanded or contracted), as an indulgence for Warren Brown, U. Florida, who pleaded that he was weary of clicking on that screen.  2016-09-28  (Bugzilla #10264)
  2. The automatic check for Specify Software updates will not permit updates in user sessions if the new database-level preference “IsReleaseManagedGlobally” is set. 2016-11-01  (10225)
  3. The “Check for Updates” item on Help menu is no longer visible if the “IsReleaseManagedGlobally”global preference is set. 2016-10-26  (10229)
  4. Displaying the database backup prompt in a user session is now a global preference which can be set once for all collections in a database.  2016-09-27  (10226)
  5. RecordSets of Collection Objects can now be dragged and dropped onto the Accession icon, and also can be added to Accessions through a menu prompt.  2016-10-28  (10242)
  6. Taxon Full Names can now be added to Loan items forms, enabling listing of taxa for Preparations contained within a Loan. 2016-10-24  (10279)
  7. Fields which are required by the localization (forms) schema are now also required by the WorkBench for uploading into Specify.  2016-10-28  (10284)
  8. The “Highlight New Records” option in the Specify WorkBench now works correctly for Collecting Event and Locality data.  2016-11-02  (10257)
  9. Default Invertebrate data forms no longer generate an error message due to a missing “collectionreltype” field. 2016-10-28  (10283)
  10. Geography records can be added from Locality form.  2016-10-27  (10282)
  11. Default settings for CSV dataset imports now correspond to CSV file standard “RFC-4180”.  2016-10-25  (10218)
  12. If turned “ON” for Catalog Number, auto-fill no longer erroneously increments other number fields which also have auto-fill activated. 2016-10-24  (10135)
  13. Changes to information in tree data displays now changes the tree update timestamp and subsequently exports the changes correctly.  2016-10-24  (10212)
  14. In the Specify WorkBench, if a Collection Object record has Locality data but no Geography data, the Locality table record is now created when uploaded into Specify.  2016-10-24  (10280)
  15. Whether preference “Attachment.IsPublic” is initially set to on or off is now based on preference value. 2016-10-20  (10204)
  16. Tree data node merging now works when dragged nodes or their descendants have attachments.  2016-10-20  (10258)
  17. On the collection statistics page, the “Top 5 Species” and “Specimens by Country” charts now display correct values.  2016-10-13  (10274)
  18. “Distinct” field flag status on Query forms is now saved and exported with Query definition. 2016-10-11  (10265)
  19. Deleting a Specify user who created an existing export schema mapping is no longer allowed unless the mapping is deleted first.  2016-10-10  (10208)
  20. Conservation Events now display correctly on forms.  2016-10-10  (10261)
  21. The “IsRequired” parameter for fields is now set correctly for user session when a user changes the collection being accessed within Specify.  2016-10-07  (10222)
  22. Auto-increment now works for Catalog Number and Accession formats.  2016-10-07  (10235)
  23. Exsiccata search dialog now works correctly.  2016-10-07  (10247)
  24. Localities of Collection Objects in RecordSets will now map in Google Earth if Determinations are not present.  2016-10-07  (10254)
  25. Catalog Numbers can now be optionally set to increment across multiple collections within a database.  2016-10-05  (10236)
  26. An Export Schema Mapping name is now required to be unique across all collections within a database to avoid name conflicts.  2016-10-04  (10232)
  27. Decimal digits in floating point (real number) fields are no longer gratuitously truncated when records are edited.  2016-10-04  (10238)
  28. Adding search conditions on un-displayed fields no longer duplicates records in query results.  2016-10-03  (10227)
  29. Data for “Locality Citation” (table) which are linked to Locality table field “Locality Citations” can now be uploaded through WorkBench.  2016-09-28  (10217)
  30. The WorkBench Uploader now works correctly for databases with shared PaleoContext records and which have them linked to the Locality table.  2016-09-28  (10240)
  31. The WorkBench uploads records with no value in the “LatLongType” field but which do have “Lat1” “Long1” field data now have the LatLongType value filled by default as “Point”. 2016-09-28  (10246)
  32. WorkBench DataSets with RefWork information but without data in the RefWork Title field no longer take an inordinately long time to upload and validate.  2016-09-27  (10216)
  33. “Created by” Agent and “Modified by” Agent can now be made visible for multiple tables in the Query Builder. 2016-09-27  (10224) (10231) (10256)
  34. Autoincrementers for fields other than Catalog Number and Accession Number (including numbers for Loans, Gifts, Collecting Events) now scope correctly.  2016-09-26  (10211)
  35. Paleocontext relationship to the Collection Object, Collecting Event or Locality table is now correctly maintained after a Specify schema update. 2016-10-24  (10241)
  36. The Specify database schema update performed by this release includes these changes:
    • Added fields for Station Field Number modifiers to Collecting Event table. 2016-09-26  (10233)
    • Added yes/no (boolean) fields to Locality table. 2016-09-26  (10234)
    • Added six memo fields to Collection Object Attribute. 2016-09-26  (10252)
    • Added integer fields to Accession, Loan, Gift, Collection Object Attribute, and Collecting Event Attribute tables.  2016-09-26  (10255)
    • Added text fields to Preparation and Collecting Event.  2016-09-26  (10263)
    • Added a GUID field to Preparation. 2016-10-20  (10245)
    • Added “Inventorized by” field to Collection Object table. 2016-10-13  (10271)
    • Added “Creator” field to Attachments table. 2016-10-20  (10276)