Specify 6.6.04 Update Release

Specify 6.6.04 Update Release
25 February 2016

Release Note:

This release includes as small number of bug fixes, it does not update the Specify MySQL database schema.

List of changes:

  1. Simple search results are now returned correctly for searches that have an exceptionally large number of matching records. 2016-02-19 (Bugzilla 10205)
  2. The Accession Number content format validator is now scoped correctly to Institution or Division depending on setup configuration. 2016-02-19 (10207)
  3. Creating a DataSet from a RecordSet no longer fails. 2016-02-11 (10201)
  4. After the WorkBench uploads records that contain new tree data (for any kind of tree), the tree update progress bar displays to reflect the tree update process. 2016-02-11 (10193)
  5. The Specify WorkBench no longer uploads records which would create child nodes (e.g. taxon determinations) to an existing unaccepted parent node in a tree. 2016-02-11 (10192)
  6. The "Clone" button now consistently remains active after cursor focus is moved to another field. 2016-02-11 (10199)
  7. Tree updates for very large trees no longer fail. 2016-02-11 (10191)
  8. Searching in a Specify 6 query combobox text field with an asterisk (wild card) when data records (search targets) contain two hyphens (e.g. "45-DEL-2016") will now find the matching records. 2016-02-11 (10202)
  9. The “Get Elevation” button within the GeoLocate Plug-in component now works correctly after being reconfigured for a revised USGS API. Specify no longer hangs or reports an error. 2016-02-10 (10196)