Specify 6.6.00 “White-Tailed Ptarmigan”

Major Release

Released in December 2014, Specify 6.6 addressed many engineering issues, updated the database schema and upgraded Specify to operate with Java 8. Specify 6.6, Specify helper applications, and the Specify installation package all require the Java 8 SE runtime environment (Java 8 JRE) to be installed in order to update and operate. Java 8 is available from Oracle Corp: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html

New Capabilities

Specify 6.6 lifts Specify collections to a new level of network integration and data mobility with functions that prepare and transfer your collection data to our just released iPad app: Specify Insight. Specify Insight is a biological collection data visualization and discovery iPad app available at no cost from the Apple Store. With it you can explore the taxonomic and geographic breadth of your collection with taxon tree and map interfaces which provide paths to your collection’s specimen data.

Specify 6.6 has two new modules for this integration. First, the ‘ISO Tool’ is used for assigning International Organization for Standardization codes for continent, country and U.S. states to your records. With ISO codes assigned, Specify Insight can show you the spatial coverage of your collection’s holdings on global scale, by country, and by U.S. state. The second new Specify 6.6 module is the iPad Data Export Tool which distills copies of your full collection object records and exports essential catalog information to a Specify iPad Cloud Server. From there, your collection data can be downloaded to a personal copy of Specify Insight and be made available to others.

Specify 6.6 with Specify Insight will take your collection data to places it has never been—out of the gallery and away from the lab and office. Having your collection database accessible in an intuitive, portable platform, with an interface a young student can master in seconds, will create opportunities for new kinds of collection outreach and promotion. With the portability of an iPad and the free Specify Insight App, your collection’s data including maps and images can also be easily put into hands of stakeholders–to impress directors, deans and donors, and be carried into classrooms or informal science education venues.