Specify Insight Setup Overview

This page describes the steps needed to transfer a copy of your Specify collection data to Specify Insight on the iPad. An iPad model 2 or newer is required.

Transferring a copy of your collection data onto the iPad involves 6 steps:

  1. Assign ISO codes using the Specify 6.6 ISO Assignment Tool.
  2. Create a Specify Cloud Account.
  3. Configure your collection information for exporting using the Specify 6.6 iPad Data Exporter.
  4. Export your collection data to the Specify Insight Cloud Server.
  5. Download Specify Insight from the Apple Store on your iPad.
  6. Import your collection data into the iPad.

Steps 1-4 are accomplished with Specify 6.6 desktop application. Embedded documentation is provided within Specify.

Once you have downloaded Specify Insight onto your iPad, Click on the Specify Insight icon to open it.  insight_signin

You will be asked to login to Specify Insight.

Type in the Specify Cloud Username and Password for your institution.


Choose a collection from the screen.


Once the collection data has uploaded, press on Go There to start exploring the collection.

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