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Welcome to Specify

Specify software manages species and specimen data for biological research collections. As a database platform, it tracks specimen transactions, links images to specimen records and publishes data to the Internet. Specify 6 is robust software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. The Specify 7 web platform eliminates desktop software installation and operates within a web browser. Specify Cloud is our Specify 7 cloud hosting service; a one-stop, zero hardware and software installation, collection data platform. The Specify Web Portal serves your collection data, maps and images to public web users. And Specify Insight, our iPad app is for taking your collection data to new venues--for showcasing specimen maps, data and images. For U.S. institutional collections, Specify Project services include data migration assistance, custumization and help desk support. E-mail: support@specifysoftware.org, or call: +1 785 864-4400, if we can help you evaluate Specify for your collection.

Take a look at our video “HelpCasts” which demonstrate Specify's features.

Take your collection's data, maps and images wherever you go--on an Apple iPad.
The Specify Software Project is funded by U.S. National Science Foundation grant: BIO/DBI #1565098
Specify Software Project, Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas, 1345 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, KS USA 66045
Phone: +1 (785) 864-4400, Email: support@specifysoftware.org, Website: www.specifysoftware.org